Business School

The Business school one of the key secondary school in Shanxi Technology and Business College. Its business management majors (including four undergraduate majors in Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources Management and E-marketing) is the first batch of support disciplines for the Shanxi Provincial “1331 Project” key discipline construction plan.

After the SXTBU was upgraded to a bachelor level education provider in 2011, the Business school has made remarkable achievements in professional construction, teaching staff, scientific research, personnel training, academic exchanges, science and technology competitions, campus culture, school-enterprise cooperation, social services, and entrepreneurship and employment. At present, the college has 5 undergraduate majors in Marketing management, Marketing Management (E-Marketing), Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Urban Management. There are 1,651 undergraduate students8 administrative staff; 110 teachers, including 22 professors, 39 associate professors, 40 lecturers, and 9 assistant professors; and 10 full-time counselors. Teachers’ titles, education, academic background, and age structure are reasonable.

The business school upholds the SANNIU spirit of the SXTBU, closely centering on the school’s orientation in education, it always regards “people-oriented education and moral education first” as the fundamental tasks, Adhere to the discipline-oriented professional construction as the leading, the teacher team construction as the core, the application of personnel training as the main line, school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education as the main path, and constantly improve the quality and level of personnel training. So far, the college has sent a total of 1,058 graduates to the society, and the employment rate has been stable at more than 95%. Many graduates soon became the backbone of enterprises and institutions after they embarked on a job. They were welcomed and praised by employers.

The business school has advanced teaching facilities and teaching conditions. Four experimental and training rooms have been built and put into use and one book reference room. All teaching classes have fixed classrooms and full coverage of multimedia teaching. In the past five years, the Business School has signed a school-enterprise cooperation strategic alliance and a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with more than 30 companies including Beijing Jiuxiannet Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan SiSoft Technology Co., Ltd.

The business college applied clear objectives of cultivate applied talent, student education management, daily management system, and standardized process; teaching research and curriculum reform have achieved outstanding results; scientific research and social services have achieved remarkable results; campus culture, second classroom, innovation and entrepreneurship are always in the leading position of the school. The contest winners are always in the leading position in the school. The Business school has been awarded an honorary title by the university’s advanced scientific research unit for 4 consecutive years, three consecutive years of advanced party support for the school, 2 consecutive years winner of the safe campus award, the 3 consecutive years winner of the SXTBU’s annual evaluation.

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