Music School



Music School, formerly known as the Department of Music and Dance, was founded in March 2006, later was expanded to Music School in March 2013. So far the faculty has two undergraduate majors in music performance, choreographer, and two diploma majors in music performance and audiovisual technology.


The Music School has excellent teaching resources: there are 9 rehearsal halls, one piano classroom with 25 digital pianos and more than 50 piano practice rooms. All classrooms and rehearsal halls are equipped with multimedia and audio systems. It has also 2 multifunctional venues for Music and Dance majors. There are 29 teachers in total, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 5 lecturers and 20 teaching assistants. Besides, we employed experts and professors from Music College of Shanxi University, Taiyuan Normal College and Song and Dance Theatre of Shanxi Province. At present the Music School has around 700 students, including 708 undergraduates.


In the past seven years, nearly a hundred teachers and students have won awards in various professional competitions inside and outside the province, such as the Second Prize of the Third National Exhibition of University Students for Art Works presented by the Ministry of Education. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes awarded by the Department of Education of Shanxi Province. Acquired the first, second and third prizes of the “Film and TV Song Contest” sponsored by the Shanxi Musicians Association and the Film and Television Association.


We pay attention to the cultivation of students’ professional and practical skills, and actively create practical practice bases. There are several long-term cooperation units such as See Mount Wutaiand See Pingyao Againand Shaanxi Caijiapo Performing Arts Group.


The Music School has participated in many large-scale theatrical performances such as the Opening Ceremony of Henan Luoyang International Peony Festival, the Shanxi TV Folk Song Spring Festival Gala, and the Opening Ceremony of the Shanxi Pingyao International Cultural Photo Contest. According to the needs of Shanxi’s economic and cultural development, the Institute has actively carried out education and teaching reforms and achieved breakthroughs in the recent years.



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