Media School

The Media School was established in 2013. It has three undergraduate majors: Broadcasting and Hosting Arts, Radio and Television Directors, and film and Television Photography and Production, It is the college-level priority major. There are also two diploma majors in Hosting and Broadcast, Radio and Television Program Production.

Media School has an excellent teaching team containing 145 teachers who are competent both in character and profession. Among these teachers, among them, there are 72 teachers with senior titles, and more than 70% of teachers have the qualities of “dual division and dual ability”. Some of the experts and professors from Shanxi University, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Taiyuan Normal University, Shanxi Communication University, Shanxi Radio and Television Station, Shanxi Journalism Group are often invited to our Media School to deliver lectures.

On the basis of ensuring that theoretical teaching is "necessary and sufficient," the school emphasizes on the training and improvements of students’ professional practice ability, regularly organizes and carries out professional teaching practice activities, and cooperates with the industry and enterprises to create conditions for the cultivation of students’ practical abilities.

The Media School has non-linear editing training rooms, professional recording studios, photo studios, studio hall, newspaper editing typesetting training rooms, fast recording training rooms, campus television stations, physical training halls, sports halls and other school training rooms and 5 off-campus training base.

The Media Practice Teaching Center has 11 professional experiments (training) rooms. It was rated as Shanxi Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2014.

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