School of International Communication

The School of International Communication offers four undergraduate majors in Business Administration (Economy & Trade English), Translation, Business English, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. At the same time, it continuously expands the school’s international cooperative channels. The College actively introduces resources for international exchanges and cooperation, teacher exchanges, student exchanges, credit recognition, teachers and students going abroad to study, study abroad and foreign language training. The school aims to build an educational platform that integrates international teaching resources, international courses, and international educational resources. The platform continuously improves the internationalization of schools and fosters talents with international perspectives and innovations.

The School of International Communication has a well-established leadership team and is one of the 12 faculties of the Shanxi Technology and Business College. In June 2017, the number of students in the school was 293. In September, it was planned to recruit 170 new students and actual numbers was 188, reached an excess of 110%. The college is mainly based on undergraduate education, supported by majors of Business Administration English and translation. The school aims to cultivate talent with solid professional foundation, strong practical ability, innovative and applied bilingual skills.

In the process of professional development and construction, the School of International Communication closely connects with the needs of local economic and social development. Based on the application-oriented characteristics of the disciplines, the college dynamically optimizes the professional setting structure and plans to add two undergraduate majors in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and business English to effectively serve the industry. School of International Communication takes the educational reform research projects and the improvement of teaching content as the main line to adapt to the needs of local talents in the fields of economic construction and social progress, and to meet the development goals of superior-quality, characteristic, modern, and applied higher education institutions.

Over the past 30 years since China’s reform and opening up, with the continuous development of economic globalization, the China’s economy has developed rapidly and foreign trade has grown year by year. In recent years, economic and trade English translator and English-Chinese translator, especially those who are familiar with international trade rules and can use English to conduct international business exchanges and business practices, have been highly demanded in the domestic talent market with the characteristics and advantages of their highly skilled personnel. The demand has increased year by year.

In order to comply with this trend, since the establishment of the International communication school, the school actively participated in discipline development and school-enterprise cooperation practice activities in terms of professional construction and foreign affairs. The school has established long-term teacher training and student exchange programs with Humber College in Canada. It plans to establish contacts with famous universities from United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia in the near future.

The school formulates 2017 undergraduate teaching talent development program, It not only implement three-year continuous learning and training, but also cultivate a group of undergraduate students who are professional in Business English and English-Chinese translation and have strong application abilities to meet the needs of economic and social development in the region.

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