Shanxi Technology and Business College (SXTBU), first built as a training school providing courses for self-study examination preparation in 1986, was qualified to enroll students via college entrance examination in 2001 as an affiliated school of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. In 2004, the college was approved by the provincial government and registered under the name of Shanxi Vocational College of Technology and Business which in 2011 was approved and upgraded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to be the very first private undergraduate college in Shanxi Province. In 2015, the college was entitled to confer bachelor degree.


SXTBU is located in the origin of Jin merchants---Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, a city with a rich culture and a long history. Composed by two campuses, Longcheng and Beige, the college covers a total area of 701.92 mus (115.63 acres) with a building space of 340,000 square meters. Currently we have 16,864 full-time students, including 15,465 undergraduates and 1,399 junior college students. The total value of teaching and research equipment amounts to 85.4245 million yuan. There are 1.573 million books, 424,000 electronic books, 431 kinds of paper periodicals and 112,000 volumes of electronic periodicals collected in the school library. The college is also equipped with 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 4 school-level experimental demonstration centers, 8 practice teaching centers and 3 production training bases together with 104 off-campus internship training bases.


SXTBU is abundant in teaching faculty resources and has set up a stable team of more than 1200 staff. It is constituted by 12 schools and 2 teaching departments, offering 28 bachelor’s degree programs and 6 professional field study and 12 diploma programs, resulting in a coordinating development layout of disciplines ranging from engineering to art, economics, literature and pedagogy while with its focus on management. Among these disciplines, science of business administration was selected into "1331 project" leading and characteristic course development plan of Shanxi Province, dancing choreography was selected into advantageous course development program of Shanxi colleges and universities, 6 other disciplines, like business administration and accounting, were awarded school-level superior course development programs. And SXTBU totally launched 15 provincial education innovation projects, 4 of which reaped silver or gold teaching awards.




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