Our Backbone Teachers Visited and Studied at Humber College, Canada
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SXTBU Teachers Team

On August 2nd, 2017, a 9-member team of key teachers from SXTBU went to Toronto, Canada for the second 26-day Summer Language Program. The team consisted of three teachers from Accounting School, two from School of International Communication, two from Physical Education Department, one from the Music and Dance Academy, one from Music School and one from Information Engineering School. The Summer Language Program is specially designed by Humber College for our teachers. It aims to improve teachers’ English communication skills, help them establish classroom structures in English contexts, and develop their bilingual language abilities.

The Summer Language Program mainly included two courses, namely Teacher Training Class and Professional Development Workshop, conducted by 3 professors. The courses brought a completely different style of teaching methods and content.

Teacher Training Class provided by Professor Barry featured a novel teaching method and an interactive student-centered class led by the teacher. His class was full of vitality and brought out a perfect combination of teaching and classroom activities, enabling the students to fully enjoy learning. He used well-prepared materials for classroom activities (such as notes for English grammar training and tools for vocabulary exercise) to direct and fully engage students in the class.

Teacher Training Class

Professor Marike and Professor Mark jointly worked on Professional Development Workshop. Professor Marike’s class was full of art and made full use of video and audio materials to inspire students’ imagination and help them practice writing and speaking in English and communicate in groups.

Group Photo with Professor Marike

Professor Mark’s class was carried out in a leisurely, rigorous and graceful manner. After the teaching, he also used Kahoot software to test students which energized the class.

Thorough this 26-day study, our teachers got a systematic and all-around understanding of modern teaching methods and technologies, and their English language skills made such a great stride that they could speak simple English to do presentation and communicate. This result would lay a good foundation for SXTBU to develop bilingual courses.

Group Photo with Professor Mark

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