President Niu Welcomed Stephen Allen of School of Liberal Arts and Science from Humber College
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On May, 2017, Humber College English Language Center (SXTBU) was established in our college, and it was the only offshore English Language Center (ELC) Humber has set up in China. This month 2018 marked the first anniversary of Humber ELC in SXTBU and so far it has a registration record of 82 students.

On May 17th, 2018, Stephen Allen, Associate Dean of School of Liberal Arts and Science from Humber College, visited our college to check on the operation status of Humber ELC in our college and to seek for deeper cooperation with us. Mr. Niu Sanping, our Chairman and President met Mr. Stephen and two foreign teachers of Humber ELC at the VIP Hall of the International Academic Exchange Center of SXTBU. Staff from Foreign Affairs Office also attended the meeting.



President Niu Warmly Welcomes Stephen Allen

Stephen is Learning the Operation Status of Humber ELC


Mr. Stephen said the purpose of this trip was to get a detailed understanding of ELC operation status and to make further plans for its enrollment and development. He expressed his plan to have a group meeting with ELC students to learn about their situation and to introduce Hamber College to other SXTBU students. He hoped our ELC would achieve better development and lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two colleges in the future.


President Niu Sanping extended his warm welcome and expressed his gratitude on behalf of ELC students to Steven who, in his words, paid several visits to SXTBU during the development of our ELC and made a lot of contributions to this program. He hoped to provide more students with good opportunities and a pure English learning environment through the ELC platform. At the same time, he also expressed his interest in English learning and his desire to grasp the language skills. He said that if he had time, he would also like spend some time in Hamber ELC improving his English. This fully demonstrated his emphasis on English learning and his devotion to this program.

Group Photo

During the meeting, President Niu Sanping and Stephen discussed in depth the prospects

of Humber ELC development in our college and exchanged their opinions on follow-up     cooperation methods. President Niu said that in order to attract more students to study in

ELC and improve the English proficiency of our students overall, he hoped that Hamber College would provide more opportunities for our students, for which, Stephen agreed to try their best to advance deeper and long-term cooperation between the two sides.


At the end of the meeting, President Niu expressed his hope that Stephen Allen would have a great time in Taiyuan and we took a group photo together.

                            Enollment Seminar


Besides meeting with President Niu, on the afternoon of May 17th, Mr. Stephen Allen, also presented an enrollment seminar for our students in English at Long Cheng Campus. 200 students from 8 different schools participated in the seminar.


Enrollment Seminar


At the beginning of the seminar, Vicky, Wei from Foreign Affairs Office who is responsible for ELC operationintroduced the basic situation and development history of the language center, the advantages of the courses it offered and the details of the enrollment, it is hoped that the students cherish this platform of pure English environment and actively join ELC.


Associate Dean Stephen Allen is Introducing Canada and Humber College

Mr. Stephen began his interesting presentation. He used the quiz to attract students’ attention. The seminar was lively and interactive. Those students who did interaction with Stephen also received small gifts of Humber. Stephen introduced Humber College from the aspects of its location, curriculum, professional settings, advantages and admission requirements. Humber College has a rigorous and excellent academic atmosphere. The language learning environment is very good. At the same time, students from all over the world come here to learn which allow students to make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds. Also Humber provides state-of-art courses and services with policy support from Canadian Government that creates more opportunities for students who want to study abroad. Finally, Stephen also introduced the enrollment situation of ELC in SXTBU, and hoped that students would join the center. After the presentation, the students scanned the QR code to join the WeChat consultation group. Some of the students even stayed to talk with staff from the language center.


Humber ELC in SXTBU is a branch school established by Humber College from Canada at our college. It is currently the only branch of offshore Language Center in China. This month, 2018 marks the first anniversary of its establishment, and it has a registration record of 82 students. The EAP (English for Academic Purpose) course offered by the Language Center includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is hoped that this language center will benefit more of our students and also contribute to the internationalization of our college.


               Focus Group with Humber ELC Students


After the seminar, Stephen met our students from Humber ELC of SXTBU, and conducted a great talk with them in the form of Focus Group.



Stephen is Talking with ELC Students


The meeting, which was carried out in English, was started with self-introductions by students, why they joined EAP classes and what they have accomplished from the program. Following that Stephen communicated with students on a few topics including their motivation, expectation, program experience, and area for improvement. Students were quite responsive in the communication and also raised some questions and talked about their feelings, experience, confusion, plans and how this program has helped them on their language study. Some of them also checked with Stephen about details of Humber College.



Focus Group


This meeting has brought a great chance for Humber and our ELC students to know better about each other, and would help us to solve the problems standing in our way and improve our teaching quality, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of Humber English Language Center in SXTBU.

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