Seminar of 2019 Work & Travel USA Program
    Source:Shanxi Technology And Business College        

On the afternoon of November 7th and 8th, the Foreign Affairs Office held a briefing session on Work & Travel USA Program in the summer of 2019 in Longcheng Campus and Beige Campus .


Teacher Wei Qi of the Foreign Affairs Office introduced the speakers and process of this briefing session. Mrs. Yin Bing, the project manager from Beijing, introduced the project background, job information, registration process, etc., and explained in detail the internship location, safety issues, work and living environment that students are concerned about. Guo Ying, a student from the School of Finance,made a speech  about her trip to the United States and shared her harvest and reward.



Until now our college’s Work & Travel USA  program  has been held for six  years. Every year there are many students participate in the program to experience American culture and life.

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